Lawrence County Museum of History

Lawrence County Museum of History & Edward L. Hutton Research Library

Wish List

Though the museum is always appreciative of your financial support, there are some items that are needed that individuals or businesses might be able to donate. Below is our wish list, a list of items, their descriptions, and why we need them. This list will be updated as need arises. If you have any of the following items and would be willing to donate or purchase them for the museum, please contact the director, librarian, or any board member.

  • Shelving units: The museum is currently in need of some heavy-duty shelving units to use for storing artifacts. If any individual or business has any they would be able to donate, contact Kenny White at 812-278-8575.

  • Family Histories: Have you researched your family's genealogy? Do you know that others may be looking for a connection in your research? The library has an extensive collection of family histories and folders that contain information on families by surname. Your information would be a helpful addition to our collection and the research being done by others. There are also many family surnames missing in our family histories research material. We would love to add your family history to our collection.
  • Legal sized file cabinets: The museum houses many important documents and paper items that need better organization than storage boxes. File cabinets will allow us to place these items in a safe location where they are also easily accessible for anyone who is looking for them.
  • Flat file or map cabinets: The museum is the repository of Lawrence County records that are no longer accessible at county offices. Maps and other large documents require flat file storage. Graphic files from exhibits need a cabinet in order for them to be accessed and used again as the need arises.
  • Mannequins: We are proud to have a large collection of historical clothing items. However, since we only have a few complete mannequins (and many of these are in disrepair), we have to rotate this clothing in and out of the display area for viewing. This is both labor intensive and hard on the clothing. Both full body and torso mannequins would be helpful for displays.
  • Acid-free and "neutral ph" document sleeves: The Edward L. Hutton Research Library provides visitors with access to countless documents and pictures that are kept in subject or time-period sorted binders. Placing photos and documents in acid-free and "neutral ph" sleeves protects these items from the wear and tear that comes from handling as well as destructive acid and chemicals found in many types of paper and non-archival sleeves.
  • Sturdy metal shelving: The storage area of the museum houses items that are either awaiting display in the museum gallery or are unable to be displayed in their current condition. To keep these items off the floor and neatly organized, we need sturdy shelving specifically for heavy items.
  • Bookends: The library has many shelves that still have room for books and bookends keep the books on the shelves from falling over and getting damaged. Bookends can be any shape or type as long as they have protective bottoms that will not scratch shelves.
  • Lawrence County school yearbooks: Though we currently have an impressive collection of yearbooks from Lawrence County schools, we are still missing books from many schools and years. Specifically we are looking for the newest editions and books from pre-consolidated schools (i.e. Bedford High School, Needmore High School, Tunnelton High School, etc.) 

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